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Break It Down

Was “Save Money” on your list of New Years’ Resolutions?

Whether you are saving up for an emergency fund, a vacation, a new car, or college tuition, it is important to put a dollar amount to that “save money” task. Once you have a final figure in mind, break it down into smaller chunks.

Set monthly goals, quarterly goals, whatever works for you to keep you on track. Saving $5,000 this year may look daunting. Try budgeting $200 a paycheck to put into savings. Or look at it as $14 a day. That morning coffee and donut that you always get at Dunkin Donuts probably costs you $4. Make coffee at home with some toast or a bagel – that’s a start! Do you go out to lunch during the week? The “You Pick Two” at Panera with a drink will run you over $10. Pack a lunch and bam! That’s your $14 a day in savings. Now don’t forget to put that money aside where you will not spend it…..

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