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Patient First – Planning for a Healthy Vacation

Patient First recently released the following informative statement with the hopes that it will keep vacationers healthy and able to enjoy themselves. We know that many of our residents are vacationing this time of year, and wanted to pass this along to you. What are some things that you have implemented as part of your vacation planning, packing, or preventative care?

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The kids will soon be out of school and you work hard all year. Everyone is ready for a break. But a relaxing vacation might be ruined if you or someone in your family gets sick. Whether it’s a quick road trip or a long flight, start protecting your health before you start packing your suitcase.

• PLAN AHEAD: You know what to expect if your vacation spot is a family favorite but what if you have never been there before? Check with your doctor about health issues and health care in those regions.

• PACK SMART: You remember to take prescription medicine on vacation but don’t forget any nonprescription medicine you might need. Pack your medicine in a carry-on bag if you fly so it doesn’t take a separate vacation if your luggage gets lost.

• ON THE ROAD: Wash your hands frequently to protect against viruses and bacteria. Also, buckle-up and take frequent breaks if you travel by car. It helps keep you alert behind the wheel and gives everyone a chance to stretch their muscles.

• BASIC SAFETY: Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Do not drink and drive. Make sure that you carry any important medical history with you along with the name, address and phone number of an emergency contact. Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellant.


Release originally posted with York County Economic Alliance

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About Patient First

Patient First currently operates 45 centers in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It opened its first facility in Richmond, Virginia in 1981 and developed many automation-based operating systems and practices that were considered innovative at the time and which have been continually improved to meet the needs of today’s patients.


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