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Resolutions: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

If your resolution was to workout 5x a week/lose weight, how’s that going?

If your resolution was to eat healthier/lose weight, how’s that going?

If your resolution was to save money, how’s that going?


For those who answered “GREAT!” then keep up the good work!

For those who cringed and thought to themselves “oh yeah.. that..”, we are here this week to get you back on track. If you didn’t get off to the perfect start, who cares? Don’t throw in the towel for the year, there are 11 more months in which you can succeed!


Next question. Who has a jam packed schedule, between job(s), kids, volunteer work, going back to school, taking your car to the shop every week because the check engine light keeps coming on.. We have all been there, and for some, living in a state of craziness is the norm. So adding in another “to do” on that daily list can be a challenge to complete.

This month, make your resolution a priority to you. It may require a bit of organization and planning. Put “go to the gym” on your calendar just like you do “doctor’s appointment” or “work meeting”. Set an alert on your phone that goes off 30 minutes before you scheduled your workout. Make a grocery list in advance of shopping, stock full of healthy foods. Don’t forget to get healthy ingredients that travel well/easily if you pack a lunch for work. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Forgetting to bring a lunch usually means a quick trip to a fast food restaurant, or not eating at all. Neither is a good choice if your goal is to eat healthy or lose weight. Set aside 30 minutes every other day, morning or evening, when you are alone and can look at your finances. See where you wanted to be at this time of the month/year with spending limits and savings balances as compared to where you actually are. Make adjustments and notations moving forward, and revisit it in a few days. If your resolution was to save money, looking at your bank account only on pay days is not the way to succeed.


If organizational apps would assist you in these things, see our post on “There’s an app for that”.

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