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The Benefits of Reading

The Benefits of Reading…and why you should stick to that New Years Resolution

Books – and print materials in general – are becoming a thing of the past… unfortunately. Instead of reading the newspaper, people watch the news. Instead of reading a book, people are listening to audio books in the car. And who needs instruction manuals when you have You Tube videos. But, we need to read. “Reading gives you a unique pause button for comprehension and insight,” said Maryanne Wolf, director of the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University. “Typically, when you read, you have more time to think. When you watch a film or listen to a tape, you don’t press that pause button.”

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Reading not only requires a great deal of concentration, but it utilizes a part of your brain that needs constant activity. It also requires you to call on your imagination in a way that watching a movie about that same book does not. Sure, reading is time consuming, and who has tons of extra time? Most would rather just watch an hour television show. But, according to Dr. Ken Pugh of Haskins Laboratories, a science institute for language research associated with Yale University, “reading is more neuro-biologically demanding than processing images or speech. That is because a specific neural circuit is required for reading that is very challenging.”

Reading also improves people’s mood, according to a survey commissioned by the “National Year of Reading,” a program that was conducted in England in 2008 to explore the benefits of reading in everyday life. 63 percent of participants in the study reported they were more relaxed when reading a favorite book or magazine. A nearly equal number claimed that reading influenced some aspects in their lives for the better.

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