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Top 4 Reasons Why Renting is Appealing

There have been many articles written about the rent vs. own topic. The fact is that the number of people choosing to rent has been on the steady rise for years, with many 2013 statistics showing that 35% of Americans are renters. Why are more and more people choosing a garden apartment over a traditional two story home? While each person may have their own personal qualifications that led them to this decision, here are the Top 4 Reasons why we, at DeSouza Brown, think renting is the way to go!


We take care of the incidentals.

As a homeowner, every little (and big) maintenance problem comes at a cost to you. (A typical hourly fee for a plumber is between $20 and $60, and that’s just for labor!) By renting at a DeSouza Brown community, you have a reliable and efficient maintenance team ready to take care of any problem you may encounter. Most service is completed by our technicians within 24 hours, which allows you to get back to your day to day activities and enjoyment of your home.

plumber fixing faucet


If something unexpected happens, you can be flexible.

Becoming a homeowner ties you down to a long term financial commitment, and should your job transfer you or your financial situation change, you cannot simply walk away without severe consequences on your credit. The management professionals at DeSouza Brown understand that change happens, and it can oftentimes be unplanned. For that reason, we offer many options to our residents should they need to move out prior to fulfilling their lease contract. Because we have numerous locations throughout Pennsylvania, we can also offer a flexible transfer option which really makes your move easy!



You can keep your savings account in tact.

Purchasing a home today, you can expect to put 3%-20% down. Even for a $150,000 house, that could be as much as $30,000. For most people, that will quickly liquidate their savings they have worked so hard to build up over the years. The typical security deposit that landlords require is one month’s rent (most DeSouza Brown communities only require $500 with approved credit!). What this means for you is the ability to keep your savings secure in a money market, savings, or CD.

down payment


Adding more space is always an easy option.

Almost 25% of first time home buyers move out of their first home within 5 years (1). Frequently, the “starter home” is outgrown during this time frame. Buying and selling a home means added cost to the homeowner – realtor commissions, closing costs, another down payment on the new house, and of course lots and lots of paperwork. With DeSouza Brown, we can accommodate you in a one bedroom “starter home” at a fantastic price, allowing you to again add to that savings. Should you outgrow a one bedroom, we have a portfolio that can meet your needs in a two bedroom or three bedroom apartment, or you can really super size it in a three bedroom townhome, some that have over 2000 square feet and even come with attached garages.

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